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We're only in the second day of the siege, but a quick scan of the Android Market shows a scant 16 tablet apps. At first, the electricity that made Julieta Venegas's first Boston show so memorable was missing.
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The rumors began yesterday morning and realize the preparation by Google to launch a Tablet. As a rule, Google chooses an equipment manufacturer and a brand with which he understands to be the norm for your operating system Android.

What's in your mind?

06.05.2011 14:03
The viliv X7 and X10 allow users to experience true anywhere connectivity with options for 3G HSPA, EVDO, or WIMAX. The new X7 and X10 lineup also feature a best in class battery life, the highest of any current or soon to be released Android devices

summer days at Solitude

08.01.2011 14:37
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 aims for the sweet spot between the embarrassingly big iPad 2 and the Galaxy Tab, which looks like a phone on steroids. With a dual-core processor and a surprisingly light weight, it could be the perfectly sized tablet.